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Micah Shemaiah ft Infinite & Matthias [ Reggae Rockit ] (CSM-004)

[ CSM-004 ] Micah ft Infinite & Matthias [ Reggae Rockit ]

[ Reggae Rockit ] Sample mp3

from 0:00 Side A [ Reggae Rockit ] / from 2:06 Side B [ Reggae Rockit Dubwise ]

The 2nd 7inch Vinyl Release from Corner Stone Music is [ Reggae Rockit ] by Micah, Infinite & Matthias. Micah is well known by his 2013 release [ Dread at the control ]. His new tune [ Reggae Rockit ] is being played on BBC 1xtra by David Rodigan. You can feel nuff "Rockers Enegy" from this tune. Also check [ Reggae Rockit Dubwise ] by Matthias on flip side. Fine art work on Jacket by Mau Mau. Lyric card inside. 500 copies limited edition.
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#with Jacket=Sold Out / without Jacket=Still in Stock

# FMT:7inch(45rpm)
 (Original Jacket. Lyrics card inside. 500copies Lmited Edition)
 Side A: Micah ft Infinite & Matthias [ Reggae Rockit ](3:50)
 Side B : Matthias Reulecke [ Reggae Rockit Dubwise ](4:54)
#On Sale:This April 2014

Reggae Rockit !!

Reggae Rcokit will be landing on the 15 of April on 7" vinyl yuh naah mean, distributed by Corner Stone Music outa Japan, and wi a seh look out fi di energy, look out fi di Rockers energy from the Reggae Rcokit enuh.

Right now, Reggae Rcokit is being played on BBC 1xtra by David Rodigan, also by Gabre Selassie, one and few is not nuh whole heap, yuh done know.

Bless up di man Mau Mau for the artwork enuh Big up Gabre Selassie everytime.Big up the Kingston Dub Club enuh, Rockers Sound Station, a di Dub Club gi Reggae Rockit the first launch enuh, and now wi agog launch it official suh big up up Dub Club, big up Gabre Selassie everytime enuh, Reggae Rockit coming at you seen, up up…
Iley Iley… bless…

Micah shemaiah, Infinite, and Matthias.

Fine Art Work by Mau Mau

[ CSM-004 ] Micah ft Infinite & Matthias [ Reggae Rockit ][ CSM-004 ] Micah ft Infinite & Matthias [ Reggae Rockit ][ CSM-004 ] Micah ft Infinite & Matthias [ Reggae Rockit ][ CSM-004 ] Micah ft Infinite & Matthias [ Reggae Rockit ]

Micah Shemaiah

Micah Shemiah
Being born into the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Micah Shemaiah is held to a different standard. His name may not ring a bell yet but it will. You may not have heard his songs yet but you will. Micah Shemaiah will become a staple in reggae music; a standard bearer in the hearts and minds of reggae lovers. His upbringing in RastafarI has laid the foundation for humble yet militant expressions of truth. With a required stipulation to ‘read a chapter a day’ from the bible, Micah Shemaiah is the man who learnt from early to chart and control his own destiny. Micah had no choice but to be grounded. From Dread Heights in Gordon town to Clifton Road off Chisolm Ave, Micah has experienced the influence of other musical greats who also trod in Rastafari. He is most influence, however by co members of the Twelve Tribes of Israel like Dennis Brown and Bob Marley along with his parents who taught him through their teachings that Rastafari is real and that the world was ready to receive the message of RastafarI.

The Trod
Micah Shemaiah literally means ‘one who fears the Almighty’ and ‘one who loves the Almighty’ and he lives this fact in his meditations and his music. Contrastingly, Micah Shemaiah’s musical path took him to the field of a paralegal for seven years at Patrick Bailey & Company at the urging of his mother who wanted him to ‘lay off the music thing for a while’ and get a 9 to 5. Micah submitted to his mother’s wishes but as it usually does, the passion and love for music came calling again. Music for Micah is the only way he can express the kind of words and meditation he has and as such music is more empowering to him as it courses through his veins inevitably.

Micah Shemaiah is a Reggae/ Soul Singer & Songwriter. As a budding promise of reggae talent, Micah Shemaiah is a motivated performer who encourages the empowerment of youths and disadvantaged people worldwide. His writing style embraces and combines several genres of music, thus, delivering unique sounds that will appeal to any ear. Coupled with his awesome vocal strength, He also plays the guitar and is actively involved in the overall production of his music. Performing Live Acoustic music is Micah Shemaiah's first love. He enjoys the freedom and passion with which he is able to deliver his messages. Raw and soulful.

Micah Shemaiah released his self produced debut album 'RASTAMAN MEDITATION" in 2009. The first album is a stepping stone for Micah Shemaiah on the road to realizing his talent as a musician. RASTAMAN MEDITATION is available on all major digital download sites.BIOGRAPHY – Micah Shemaiah
Also in 2009 he shared stage with Legendary Jazz musician Monty Alexander at the Lincoln Center, New York City on his request. Plus, he has performed, extensively in the United States and on local live stages such as, East Fest and Prime Ministers Youth Award in his homeland Jamaica. Recently he returned from his first tour of the Motherland when he travelled with Ancient Vibrations of RastafarI under the patronage of The University of Philidephia in United States to South Africa (Cape town and Johannesburg) with stop over performances in United Kingdom (UK). This move highlighted the atrocities of Rastafarians in Jamaica via the "Bad Friday'documentary produced by Junior Wedderburn, Deborah Thomas and Iohn L Jackson.
In May, 2013 he released his hit tune Dread at the Control produced by E.D.B Entertainment/MicahAbrahams and features Tj, Hempress Sativa, Infinite and Jahkime on 7inch Vinyl as a Limited Edition press . All copies were sold. It is currently sold on all major Digital download sites including Itunes.

To Come
Jah Live In Africa' is the first single off his Acoustic Album entitled 'Acu-Afrika';To Hear Afika released in May 2012. It has become an anthem amongst Pan-Africanist, Rastafarians, and people worldwide. However, Acu afrika is currently on pause while he releases his calloborative Rockers Album Shalalak; Rockers Rebirth in 2014. Also featured on the rockers album is single Reggae Rockit to be released worldwide on 7 inch vinyl in January 2014.

The road to recognition can be a tedious one with no benefits at the end but even if there are no riches to be had Micah Shemaiah is set on delivering positive messages of love, unity, pride and strength. With a solid family foundation Micah Shemaiah has the indomitable will power to hone his skills as a reggae musician and ensure that his message is heard. Two words, with one musical aim: Micah Shemaiah.


Micah Shemiah
Roger Franklyn Thomas otherwise known as “Infinite” was born November 20th 1984 in Kingston the capital of Jamaica. His tremendous adventure began at a tender age. Infinite's love for music was recognized; it assisted in shaping and moulding the psyche of this humble and hard working individual. He formed his first group called the crazy trio from 8-9th grade experimenting with hip hop the members were KAPO (now called Israel or the Kapstone and is still a rapper in Ethiopia, Egypt Cairo ect.) and lil D(now called president and still a rapper Brooklyn New York) was the most fun he had rapping in school.

This was one of the major pushes as nature directed the course of his life to spiral in the direction of fully pursuing the arts of performance in every manner provided by K.T.H.S. at that time, from speech and drama (which included dub poetry), Dancing, and singing to being in the school choir. Even though he tried out track and field and rugby He joined the pantomime and it expanded his whole view of what consistency was because, he had to do 3 hour performances each week from Wednesday to Sunday and two on Saturdays and all major public holidays, he also learned the full meaning of integrity and love for a very beautiful craft. He did plays like “if a nuh suh”, “howzatt!” “zu zu macca” “nuff an plenty” and “runner boy” he learned the full meaning of team work and he Received awards for acting.

He left the pantomime after his fifth year at the company, when he rediscovered his love for writing and singing his songs live on stage especially his love for playing the guitar which needed much attention if he was to gain any ground in acquiring any skills in playing the instrument and also the help he received from engineer and producer 'Da Spooky' who is also a sonic scientist and hidden genius behind most of the hard driving dancehall hits from Penthouse from the 90’s Infinite took his advice in nurturing his natural talent for music.
His recent colloaboration Reggae Rockit by Micah Shemaiah is set to be released end of March on 7inch (45) vinyl.
Look out for his coming EP and album to be released for 2014.


Micah Shemiah
Fiahs aka Matthias the Dread is a musician and producer for over 25 years and started as a vocalist in a Band called Jah Light in Germany. In the mid 90 s he started producing Dubs with his partner Martin Rothert as The Majestic Warriors producing the first 12 inches for King Shiloh in Amsterdam. Trod On, The Battle Of Adowa and Babylon A Wonder are all very rare vinyls today. The sound was very unique and the analog feel makes them outstanding until this day. He joined German Artist Gentleman in the late 90 s and toured with him for many years as percussionist and backing vocalist. After that he keept producing Songs and Riddims playing all the instruments. Dub is and has allways been his passion and first love. After moving to Jamaica couple of years ago he started working and recording with new Talented artists such as Micah Shemaiah, Infinite and Exile The Brave. Reggae Rockit is the latest recording soon to be released on 7 inch vinyl, already an anthem in the Kingston Dub Club in Jamaica and currently being played on David Rodigans Podcast on BBC 1Xtra.

Exclusive Dub Mix : [ Dub Rockit ] mixed by Hav (Soul Fire)

Hav(Soul Fire) Dub Rockit mixed by Hav(Soul Fire)

CORNER STONE MUSIC コーナーストーンミュージック 2016